Kaba Benzing multitouch
Kaba Benzing multitouch

Whilst data recoding terminals in the past were mostly built for a specific purpose, PC based terminals offer maximum flexibility. The Kaba Benzing multitouch PC-Terminal with its large, ergonomic touch panel screen and integrated reader is the perfect platform for all kinds of data recording or Point-of-Service software. Thanks to the powerful and robust system technology combined with the Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded (WS7E) operating system there are virtually no applications that this multi-functional terminal cannot cost-effectively undertake.

In contrast to typical consumer products, the Kaba Benzing multitouch provides not only high operational availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but a number of other benefits as well.

This PC terminal is built without a fan or ventilation slots. Fanless means on the one hand silent and completely maintenance free due to absent interference-prone fans. On the other hand contamination or humidity cannot cause any damage to the inside of the terminal.

The robust glass fibre reinforced housing is shock resistant as well as resistant against environmental impacts such as heat, cold, humidity and dust.

A high-resolution 12" TFT display with LED backlight and robust 5-wire touchscreen allows easy and ergonomical operation even in poor light conditions; gloved operation included.

Multifunction Terminal - Data Collection, Time and Attendance

The Kaba Benzing multitouch terminal has primarily been designed and developed for sophisticated and complex SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) solutions. It is able to record personnel data, job data, machine capacity data, stock data, quality data, and maintenance data.

The terminal has a freely configurable reader module to meet any customer requirements. E.g. Legic, Mifare or HID technology. A USB CCD scanner is available for economical document processing. In total three USB 2.0 interfaces allow connectivity to external peripherals such as printers or a set of scales.

Multifunction Terminal - Kiosk System, Information Terminal

Apart from shop floor data collection, this terminal can serve as a platform for any web-based information applications.

It can be used as an info terminal and kiosk system for employees and customers e.g. to show personal data, training contents, information about the company, etc. It also addresses new target groups through use as an internet or Point-of-Sale terminal.

Multifunction Terminal - Employee Self Service

With a corresponding software partner solution, employees and supervisors can administrate personal data themselves. Information can be independently retrieved from the internet or intranet via the web browser. Some of the services are:

  • Individual display and printing of time statement and level of efficiency of employee or department
  • Application management, master record maintenance, and workflow
  • Display of duty rosters with correction capabilities
  • Corrections directly at the terminal (e.g. erroneous bookings, absent times, etc.)

Self-service functions like these relieve the HR department from time-consuming routine tasks.