B-Net mobile - Shop Floor Data Collection
B-Net mobile - Shop Floor Data Collection

Checking or recording working time, shop floor data and access authorizations – exactly where and when they are due. This is the great benefit of mobile data recording via cell phone, BlackBerry or PDA.

Integrate the relevant data of all person- and order-related events promptly into your business processing.B-Net mobile PP is a solution by Kaba fulfilling all requirements of mobile shop floor data collection.

The mobile data collection can easily be integrated into new or existing systems due to the compatibility with our BDE terminals and software applications of the partners.

Your employees benefit from the maximum convenience and flexibility as they can record company-related events directly in an electronic way via PDA at the data’s place of origin. Additional equipment of a PDA with bar code scanner and Legic reader permits its integration in SFDC organizations and processing systems.

The planned registration process can be parameterized individually. Start and end of processing, piece numbers, cost centers, storage location, investment data or the personnel number are typical factors in shop floor data collection. After recording, current information about the order status is always available as important instrument for controlling business processes.

Depending on the requirements, the bookings can be collected online or offline. The saved data will be read directly by the PDA or by means of a cradle and transmitted to the data base on the mobile server via the network at any time. At the same time, updated SFDC data are retransmitted and saved in the PDA.

If the network is not available, the bookings are saved offline and immediately transmitted to the data base server and processed after the network connection has been reestablished.

Typical B-Net mobile PP users are companies whose field service carries out assembly works or services related to the order.

The integration of these packed SFDC data in a PPS or ERP system delivers the necessary guidance that the management needs in the day-to-day business.

The use of the new solution B-Net mobile PP provides transparency and up-to-datedness and last but not least cost reduction due to time savings.