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Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) supplies actual data about states and processes within a company. Personnel data, job data, machine capacity and stock data, quality, and maintenance data are captured in a Kaba Benzing SFDC/MDC (Machine Data Collection) terminal and transferred to an SFDC or ERP system.´In order to get the ideal solution for your demands, different Data Collection devices are available.

Data Collection - B-Net Series

Multifunction Terminal - B-Net 95 80 

B-Net 95 80

With its B-Net 95 80 Multifunction Terminal, Kaba sets new standards in the areas of:

  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Self Service
  • Information
  • Workflow
  • Cafeteria Data Collection
  • Portal Application
  • Internet Surf Station 

Optimize your processes, provide your employees with more information, and create more transparency by implementing a multifunction terminal. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. 


Data Collection - Mobile Data Collection

Data Collection B-Net mobile PP 

Mobile Data Collection

B-Net mobile PP - Companies with sales representatives require a high level of flexibility, reliability and transparency for the efficient handling of mobile business processes. With B-Net mobile PP, Kaba has developed a mobile time and performance collection solution, which covers these requirements exactly. By carrying out the time recording via cellular phone, BlackBerry® device or PDA, every booking can be done exactly where and when it is due.

This solution is compatible to all time recording systems that are supported by our time and attendance terminals. Therefore, it can be integrated easily in new or existing systems.


Data Collection - Bedanet Series

Data Collection Bedanet 90 80 

Peripherals - Bedanet 90 80

With Bedanet 90 80, Kaba introduces an universally applicable and multi-functional input/output module (I/O module) that is especially suitable for machine data collection.

The 90 80 has been developed specifically to record data such as production/set-up times, cycle times, and piece numbers, and to transmit them to a superior system for further evaluation. The 90 80 module is equipped with a standard application that reads the collected data and passes this data on to the application as data records. Individual demands can be programmed in Basic.