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Communication software B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP

SAP NetWeaver
Kaba B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP serves as the data exchange between SAP and Kaba Benzing terminals. No additional software for Time and Attendance, Shop Floor Data Collection, and Access Control is required, since all data is maintained in the SAP system. This way, data redundancy is avoided.


  • Fully integrated in the SAP system. Hassle-free implementation and system maintenance
  • Use of all HR functionalities. No separate payroll module with complicated interfaces and own data storage.
  • Uses the ALE Message Handling System for data exchange according ALE/IDOC technologies for secure data transfer
  • Multi-client capable (the terminals can be used by different companies and exchange data with different SAP systems)
  • Can be easily adapted to customer requirements
  • Certified for the SAP releases 3.1 bis 4.7 SAP Enterprise CERTICICATE HR-PDC 4.5
  • Certified for SAP NetWeaver
    CERTIFICATE for SAP NetWeaver
  • System configuration and terminal programming with a graphical interface
  • Support of various standard databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MSDE)
  • Secure database against unauthorized access
  • Support of HTML Time Statement Lists, CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) and mini-apps (for web-based data collection)
  • Automated system operation (starts automatically when the system boots up and runs in the background; the user does not have to manually intervene)
  • Training is only necessary for the system administrator.
  • Data exchange optional via XML interface
    (B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP XML, certificate)

Operating system:

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP


  • An installed and running SAP system (release 3.1 to 4.7 SAP Enterprise).